Photo album of Jeffrey Gordon Hapgood (updated) 1899-1953

Jeffrey Gordon Hapgood was my grandfather. He was born on 18 Sept 1899 at Croobyar, Milton, in New South Wales Australia. He married Amy Patricia Waddell in 1931 and they had 11 living kids, before he died of bowel cancer in 1953 when he was only 55, when my father was still a little kid (11 years old). My sister was sharing photos the other day on Facebook including the one of Jeff Hapgood in the bananas and my cousin commented that they didnt think they had seen that photo before. So this post is to basically compile the photos I have collected so far of Jeff Hapgood in roughly chronological order, and to update it as more photos appear.

Since originally publishing this post in January 2022, my Aunt R and Cousins S and C have sent through extra photos to add to this post. Keep them coming!

Jeff Hapgood as a young man

The earliest photo of Jeff Hapgood is aged 8 or 9, when the family were living at Northern Rivers. The photo comes out small on the post but he is wearing a collared shirt with what we would now call a “sailor collar”, shorts, and boots whilst riding a pony.

Jeff Hapgood as a boy about 8 or 9 years old. Taken at Northern Rivers, c1906 or 1907, Family Collection (via Aunt R)

This photo of the Hapgood Family in 1907 when they lived in Northern Rivers area of NSW is thought to be a little bit later than the photo of Jeff on the horse. We see William Hapgood and Clara Rose Hapgood (nee Newton) and their 5 kids at that time – Jeff approx 9 years old on the left, Clarice aged 8 (front?), Iris aged 6 (right?), Mona aged 3 on Williams lap, and baby Ina on her mothers lap. Jeff is again wearing a “sailors collar” shirt. Baby Ina dates the photo to 1907.

Hapgood family at Northern Rivers, about 1907: William Charles and Clara Rose and 5 kids Jeff approx 9 Clarice 8 Iris 6 Mona 3 Ina baby. Source: Family Collection (via Aunt R)

My father old photo album has a postcard photo of Jeff Hapgood as a young man on a white horse. On the back my father has written “Dad 14 Northern Rivers” which makes this photo about 1913. Dad tells me he was riding with his father from Northern Rivers area in NSW up to their new property in Kin Kin Queensland. His mothers and sisters came up later on a steam train (see also post about Olgas Hapgoods recollections of life in Kin Kin).

Jeff Hapgood on white horse he rode from Northern Rivers to Kin Kin in Qld, about 1913. Source: Family Collection (my Dads photo album).

Jeff Hapgood at Kin Kin

We then have the famous “Hapgoods from Kin Kin” photo, taken about 1915 with William Charles Hapgood and Clara Rose Hapgood nee Newton and their 7 kids at the time (Olga Hapgood was the 8th and final child, born in 1918). In this photo, Jeff is about 16 years old.

Hapgood family Kin Kin 1915
The Hapgood family from Kin Kin, Queensland, c1915
Back row: Jeffery Gordon b1899 and his mother Clara Rose (Newton) b1877
Middle row: Mona b1905 and her father William Charles b1872 and Iris Jane b1902
Front Row: Clarice Phyllis b1900, Clara Gwen (seated) b1910, Stella Annie (on lap of her father) b1911 and Ina Rose b1907.
Not in photo: Olga Hapgood (born later in 1918)

My Aunt has sent through one more photo of the Hapgood family, featuring Jeff as a young 17 year old wearing a suit and tie, standing between his parents William and Clara, and surrounded by 6 of his sisters all dressed in white. (I will make a Hapgood family photo album post one day – William never seems to change, and Clara Rose seems to look younger here than the earlier photo!).

Hapgood William Charles and Clara Rose and 7 kids c1913 Jeff at Kin Kin. Source: Family collection (via Aunt R)

At Kin Kin, Jeff’s family had a dairy farm and also ran bananas. We have a few photos of Jeff Hapgood at Kin Kin – one leaning on the banana shed wall with his big dog Giligan, and two in the banana shed (possibly on the same day) with a huge hall of bananas. On the back of an original of this photo my father has written “one hundred cases in that load” (ie 100 cases of bananas in that load, which must have been a lot because its a statistic my cousin A (who also grew up on a banana farm) also remembers).

Jeffrey G Hapgood at Kin Kin with dog Giligan. Source: Family Collection (Dads photo album)
Jeffrey G Hapgood with bananas at Kin Kin. Others not known. about 1925-1930. Source: Family Collection (Dads photo album)
Jeffrey G Hapgood at Kin Kin surveying “a hundred cases in that load” of bananas. (Other man on left could be his cousin and best mate Bob Payne??) Source: Family Collection (Dads photo album)
3 men sitting on a large log . Left to Right: Jim Waddell, ??, Jeff Hapgood and ?? standing. Presumably taken at Kin Kin area given Jim Waddell in the photo. About 1925? Source: Family Collection (via cousin C),

This final photo of Jeff Hapgood standing on a springboard, halfway through cutting down a tree in Kin Kin, is a famous family photo. It was on the mantelpiece at my parents when we were growing up and all my cousins know of this photo. Jeff was an expert axeman – he has only one springboard in this photo. To raise himseld from a lower notch to an higher notch, he would have cut the new notch higher up the tree, embedded his axe into the tree and used that to hang on with one arm whilst removing the board from under his feet and then inserting it in the new higher notch and clambering up… I am not sure of the age of this photo but would guess it is 1920s- 1930s

Jeff Hapgood on a spring board timber cutting in Kin Kin, About 1925. Source: Family collection (thanks to Cousin V for sending me a scanned version!)

Jeff Hapgood as a single man about town 1920-1930

There is one fancy studio portrait of Jeff Hapgood, which I guess is about 1920 as he looks older than in the family photo in 1915, but younger than the 1930 photo below. He is wearing a suit and bow tie – possibly taken when he turned 21, or perhaps when he was best man at a wedding? (these are just guesses). But its a terrific clear photo of Jeff as a young (handsome) man.

Jeff Hapgood in a suit, perhaps about 1920? Source: Family collection (Dads photo album)

The next photo was labelled Jeff Hapgood, Christmas 1930, Kin Kin. He is clearly a bit older than the last photo and has spent more time in the sun, and is looking more distinctly like a “Hapgood”

Jeff Hapgood, Christmas 1930, Kin Kin. Source: Family collection (Dads photo album)

Jeff Hapgood marriage to Amy Patricia Waddell, 4 May 1931

I wrote up a separate blog post about their wedding, but here are the 2 formal photos and 2 informal photos from the wedding and honeymoon

Wedding of Jeffrey Hapgood & Amy Patricia Waddell, 4 May 1931, Kin Kin Source: Family collection (Dads photo album)
Wedding of Jeffrey Hapgood & Amy Patricia Waddell, with Jean Waddell and Bob Payne.
4 May 1931 Kin Kin Source: Family collection (Dads photo album)
Wedding of Jeffrey Hapgood & Amy Patricia Waddell on St Lukes Church steps, Kin Kin, 4 May 1931. Source: Family collection (Dads photo album)
Jeff Hapgood on his honeymoon, standing at the door of the shed that they camped in at Barrier Reef, which was apparently an old turtle soup factory. Source: Family collection (Dads photo album)

Jeff Hapgood – about 1930-1940?

The next couple of photos I am not sure of the date(s) but I am guessing that they are from after he was married.

Jeff Hapgood on a white horse carrying a shotgun. Date unknown, perhaps 1930s?
Jeff Hapgood and Giligan the dog. Perhaps 1930s?

Jeff Hapgood at Malanda 1932-1952

Jeff and Amy Pat Hapgood had 11 children, although only 9 survived. We have a proud father photo of Jeff and his eldest daughter (R), born soon after their marriage.

Jeff Hapgood and eldest daughter (R)

HAPGOOD Jeff (in hat) with Alec McKell truck owner and son B (as a kid) in from of large log Malanda. About 1940s? Source: Family collection (Dads photo album)

Jeff Hapgood on his farm at Malanda with a horse and cart with son B and Bimbo the dog c1947. Source: Family Collection (via Aunt R)

Jeff’s farm in Malanda was mostly a dairy farm, but they also grew pineapples which Aunt R says were sent to market cash on delivery in Cairns. He also sent timber down to Bowenville that was made into fishing rods.

The next photo has no date, but it looks like it was taken the same day as the photo above as Jeff appears to be wearing the same clothes and hat as the two photos above, which makes it about 1950 as well.

Jeff Hapgood and Foxy the dog. About 1940s.
Note: Dad says this dog is Foxy and his sister R says this dogs name was Bimbo. ?

This last photo is a little poignant. Its Jeff and Amy Pat, and all of their kids (plus a couple of neighbours kids) on a picnic. My Aunt R says this photo was taken down the back of the farm near on the boundary of the hapgood farm & Brooker farm, close to the hydraulic ram (water pump) which pumped water to a tank near the house. The extras in the photo are members of the Brooker family who were neighbours. This must be about 1950, and my father told me that this picnic was after Jeff came back from his first trip to the hospital. He had bowel cancer. He went back to the hospital a second time, and passed away in 1952.

Jeff and Amy Pat Hapgood and their kids on a picnic at lake after he got back from 1st trip to hospital. About 1950.

If you have better information about the dates, or stories about the photos, or other photos of Jeff (or Amy Pat!) that you would like to share with descendants and relatives and the wider world, feel free to get in touch karenhapgood @ gmail. com


  1. Karen I’m sure mum has a copy of the one of Jeff with an axe up a tree on a springboard. Dad had it hanging in his cafe for years. I will try to get a copy for you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks Cindy! Vikki also offered to track down a copy. My parents also had it on the mantel for decades, but its not there recently and for obvious reasons now is not a good time to try to look for it…. I am sure there are many copies but I dont have one right now and its the key missing photo!

      Also, Dad once told me that someone found a piece of silver cutlery from the Two Mile Hotel owned by George Waddell when doing construction on the hotel site (?), and that it ended up with your family. Not sure if this is correct but if it is and the cutlery pops up, please send me a couple of photos 🙂 – Karen


      • Not too sure about silver cutlery from the Two Mile Hotel but I do have one butter knife with the Martin name engraved on it. I will send you a pic!
        I have some photos of Amy Patricia to send you along with Jeff on the springboard with the axe.


      • Hi Karen, I bought your families old home in Kin Kin (921 pom kin kin rd) in 2018.
        Was in need of total reno (lands and buildings)
        Not sure why but i just loved the place. It has been a labour of love and tried to keep as many old features a possible.
        I have integrated a new part to the house that compliments the old building and now makes it work.
        I would love to hang some of the original owners photos in the house as part of the house history and ongoing restoration.

        Jo van Os (mobile provided but deleted by KH for privacy)

        Liked by 1 person

  2. Karen, I enjoy looking at this memory that you have posted.
    I really love looking at all the photos and reading the story.
    I feel close to the Hapgood family.
    Ron Jones.


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