Photo Album of Amy “Pat” Waddell 1907-1983 (updated)

This post is a simple photo album of all the photos I have (so far) of my grandmother, Amy Patricia Waddell, born in 1907 at Gympie in Queensland. She married Jeffrey Gordon Hapgood in 1931 in Kin Kin, and they moved to Malanda to run a dairy farm. They had 11 kids (including two who died as infants). Jeff died of bowel cancer in 1955 leaving Pat Waddell a widow to run the dairy farm and look after 9 kids. She died in 1983 in Atherton, North Queensland. This post is to share the photos I have so far of her. I have a couple more but they include pictures of my father and aunts and uncles, and I have either cropped or not shared these on purpose (my fathers generation are not completely comfortable with personal photos on the internet).

UPDATE Nov 2022: My Aunts and cousins once again contributed more photos to add to this photo album. Thankyou Aunt R and J and cousins S and C! All photos welcome!

Amy Pat Waddell as a child

Amy Patricia Waddell, known as “Pat” lived initially in Two Mile, near Gympie, where her Dad George Waddell ran the Two Mile Hotel . She was apparently a very independent and strong willed person and there is one fantastic photo of her as a kid taken about 1915, with curly ringlets like Shirley Temple poking out from under her hat, all dressed up in a fur coat and a matching handbag, standing in a very cheeky and defiant hands on hips pose.

Amy Patricia Waddell, about 1915. Family collection.

Amy initially went to Two Mile State School. She started officially in 1912, but appeared in the school year photo in 1911 (aged 4). Amy Patricia Waddell is 2nd row from front, 2nd from right, in dark dress with wide white collar and big hair. See also next circled inset. My cousin S* and her Mum told me that although Amy Patricia appears in this photo in 1911, she was not on the Two Mile school roll. She enrolled officially in 1912 but she apparently wanted to go to school and wouldn’t leave… So in the end they let her stay even though she was only 4!! This probably also explains why she wouldn’t sit still for the photo…

By 1916, the Waddells had moved to Kin Kin area, and James, Amy Pat and Jessie Waddell were all enrolled at the Kin Kin Junction school which had just opened in 1916. They went to school with some of the Hapgood kids, who would later become her sisters in law. There is a photo of all the kids on the verandah at the opening. More about the Kin Kin school, including some of Olga Hapgoods recollections, are in an earlier post.

Kin Kin Junction school opening, 1916 with Hapgoods and Waddells.

Pat Waddell as a young woman

This photo is of Pat Waddell (second from left) and her sisters Jess and Dorrie (4th & 5th from left) taken at Luna Park in Melbourne in 1930. Pat was down visiting Dorrie and they posed for this fun snapshot.

Luna Park, 1930. L to R: Mr White & Amy Pat & Mrs White & Jess Waddell & Dorrie Sedden & Joan White (girl) & Seddy (Bertie Seddon) & Jean & George Seddon

Train trip from Gympie to Cooktown – Amy Pat is shown second from right, seated and wearing a white hat. Her dad George Waddell is also in the picture, second from left, just his face behind other mans shoulder. George and his daughter Amy went on a train trip to Charters Towers, Townsville, Rockhampton & ended up in Cooktown to visit Amys brother (Malcolm?) who was working up there. Its possible that there are other Waddell family members in this photo, (maybe the girl seated next to Amy who looks a bit like Jean ?).

A few months before she died, Amy wanted to go back to Cooktown, so one of her daughters, her son in law and granddaughter took her up for a few days. Dad tells me that they were trying to find Malcolm’s place and they had directions and Amy kept saying “No, no, its further down, its further down” and they drove on and she was right! She remembered exactly where it was exactly decades later.

Amy Pat (second from right) & her dad (second from left, just his face behind other mans shoulder) on a train trip to Charters Towers, Townsvilĺe, Rockhampton & ended up in Cooktown. Amys brother(?) was working up there. A few months before she died she wanted to go back to Cooktown, so one of her daughters, her son in law and granddaughter took her up for a few days. Estimated to be late 1920s?  Source: Family collection (via Cousin S).

We also have this photo of Amy Pat “Pattie” hiding behind a young child…

WADDELL Down the steps top to bottom- Ida Waddell, Mary Alice Waddell nee Whittington, Mag Waddell, Amy Pat Waddell (hiding behind a child)-Children and year unknown.

At some point, Amy Pat went on a holiday with her sister Jean to Lake Macquarie. We have two photos from this trip. I would guess this is later than the Cooktown trip as Jean and Pat are travelling without their father, and

WADDELL LtoR Amy Pat, Jean WADDELL and Mrs Towns on holiday at Belmont, Lake Macquarie, NSW. Late 1920s and before 1931? Source: Dads photo album
This photo was labelled as Mrs Towns, Mavis (Towns?) and Amy Pat Hapgood (nee Waddell) at Belmont, Lake Macquarie, NSW. Late 1920s? Source: Dads photo album

Wedding of Amy Pat Waddell to Jeff Hapgood, 1931

Wedding of Jeffrey Hapgood & Amy Patricia Waddell, 4 May 1931, Kin Kin
Wedding of Jeffrey Hapgood & Amy Patricia Waddell, with Jean Waddell and Bob Payne.
4 May 1931 Kin Kin
Newly weds, Jeff and Pat Hapgood, on the steps of St Lukes CoE in Kin Kin, 4th May 1931
Newlywed Amy “Pat” Hapgood out the front of the church with her father George Waddell begins her. Family collection
Newly married Amy Patricia HAPGOOD nee Waddell on Honeymoon in Rockhampton 1931. Family collection.

Pat Hapgood in Malanda

Not long after marrying, Pat and Jeff Hapgood moved to Malanda and had their eldest child (R). These two photos go together as they appear to be taken on the same day (based on R’s outfit) around 1932. Proud parents!

Pat and Jeff Hapgood with their 3 eldest daughters R M & J, in Mickey Mouse dresses made by Stella Hapgood whilst she was in Atherton area with the Womens Land Army. About 1944
Sisters. Margaret “Mag” Martin nee Waddell b 1890 and Amy Pat Hapgood nee Waddell. About 1950-1960?

This photo appears to be around the same era as the one above, as Mags (on the right, shading her eyes) is wearing the same dress – Amy Pat “Pattie” (crouching in front of Mags) is wearing a similar dress also.

Waddell Family – backrow L to R: Jean, Mary Alice Waddell (nee Whittington), Beryl Martin, Dorrie Seddon, Peg Martin, Ida Waddell, Mag Margaret Waddel Front Row: Unknown man, Jess Waddell and Amy aka Pattie Waddell crouching infront. About 1950?
At her daughters Wedding, about 1960/1970?
Pat Hapgood at her daughter (B) wedding, about 1956/67. (photo cropped)
Amy Pat Waddell at her other daughter (R) wedding in March 1957. She is wearing the same dress – her daughters B and R got married close together in late 1956/early 1957.
Pat Hapgood at the wedding of her youngest son D 6th Dec 1969. Source: Family Collection via cousin C
Amy Pat Hapgood ( nee Waddell) posing with her fig tree that would never grow! Malanda about 1970s

Amy Pat as a Grandmother

Pat Hapgood with granddaughter C in Malanda c1973. Source: Family collection (Cousin C)
Pat Hapgood all dressed up at an unknown function in Malanda. In later years she had a problem with her leg, and had a walking stick and a wheelchair. Source: Family collection (via Cousin C)
Pat Hapgood in her kitchen in Malanda about late 1970s? In later years she had a problem with her leg, and had a walking stick and a wheelchair. Source: Family collection (via Cousin C)
Pat Waddell and one of her White family grandchildren (about 1980). Source: Family collection via Cousin C
Amy Pat Hapgood and 2 of her grandkids (twins) and her sister Dorrie Seddon (nee Waddell) Melbourne, about 1981. Source: Family collection, via Dorries daughter J.

Once again I am sure there are heaps more photos out there, so if you would like to share them, please send them anytime and I will update this post to add them ( karenhapgood @ gmail . com )


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