The Waddell brothers in the 2nd Light Horse in WW1 – a complementary article and new photo of the Gympie Recruits

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about the Waddell brothers – George Malcolm and Maurice “Jack” Waddell- – in the 2nd Light horse in WW1. There are 2 updates to this post that I wanted to share.

Enlistment photos of George (left), and Jack (middle Waddell) in WW1, and (right) as kids with their father George Waddell and younger brother Jim.

Firstly, on the same day, a local Kin Kin resident Nick Thompson published a profile of George M Waddell (and Jack) in WW1 on his Anzac 2021 edition of his “Kinections” newsletter. Its quite a coincidence to have 2 stories about the same ANZAC published on the same day. You can read it here;

Nick has been able to explain a lot more of the military background of the 2nd Lighthorse regiment, and his journalism experience shows through in his article. Its definitely worth a read.

Secondly, I found this photo in the Qld State Library of the Gympie new recruits in August 1914. The official caption says “An officer and recent recruits taken shortly after the outbreak of World War I (August 1914). The setting is in the grounds of the Drill Hall (which can be seen in the background), Duke St., Gympie. The officer, middle row, centre, is Allan Nash. He was the son of James Nash, who first discovered gold at what later became Gympie, on the 16th October 1867. Allan Nash was a teacher at the Two Mile School, Gympie, and was killed at Gallipoli on the 29th June 1915, having gained the rank of Major and been awarded the Military Cross. (Description supplied with photograph). Some men are dressed in uniform whilst others are still wearing civilian clothing.”

New recruits and officer outside the Drill Hall, Duke Street, Gympie, 1914. Source: State Library Queensland. Out of copyright.
Recruits named in Gympie Times, 29 Aug 1914
Back Row (standing). Kirkley, S. Warnes, R. McDonald, W. H. Massey. O. Harris, E. Teitzel, D. Woodrow, H. Granzin, H. McNamee, A. R. McDonald, W.H. Massey, O. Harris, E. Teitzel,D. Woodrow, H. Granzin, H. McNamee, A. Reeves.
2nd Row (sitting). Barnes, P. Woodyatt, M. Woodyatt, Lt. A. Chisholm, Capt. A. W. Nash, G. Jamieson, R. Baker, W.McGown,
G. Waddell.
Front Row (sitting). G. and W. Saunders, J. Johnston, G. Lewis, O. McNicol, E. Kemp, W. Money, (Kneeling) : E. Spiller; N. Lyons, L.Lloyd.
The names of the volunteers not included are: Capt. I. Jackson, 2nd. Lieut. J. L. Graham. Q.M. Srgt. M. Gee, Lt. G. Thomas, Staff-Sgt.
Major G. H. Williams, E. J. Ubank, T. Johnson, A. Ward, H. Buchanan, A. Glasgow, A. Geoghegan, G. Graham, A. Hersler and J. West.

In the Qld State Library photo, the new recruits are not named individually apart from Allan Nash (officer in the middle with the big moustache and bars on his collar), who also used to be the Head Teacher at the Two Mile School, and would have known the whole Waddell family.

We know George and Jack Waddell were in the cadets from an early age, and knew Allan Nash from school. We also know George M Waddell enrolled as soon as he could in August 1914 in Gympie, and so there is a strong possibility he is in this photo taken in Aug 1914. The photo features recruits in uniform and in civilian clothes, and I would guess George already owned his own uniform. My best guess based on comparing the closeup photo of George around the time of enlistment with this photo is that George would be the one on the right end of the middle row – to the left (as we look at the photo) of the guy with the pocket-watch on his waistcoat. (Update: I was right!)

Let me know if you know where George is in this photo or if you have a different theory of who he might be? You can comment below or email me at karenhapgood at gmail dot com.

UPDATE Oct 2021: Thanks to Conny who commented to share the link to the same photo in the Gympie Times & Mary River Gazette on 29 Aug 1914, but with all the names in the caption! This information is now added to the text and the caption, and George Waddell is indeed the last on the right in the 2nd row from the back. Thanks again Conny!

Recruits named in Gympie Times and Mary River Mining Gazette, Saturday 29 August 1914, page 5


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