The intertwined Hapgood and Hanney families from Marksbury

The Hapgood and Hanney families were very intertwined. John HAPGOOD and Elizabeth Hapgood (nee Shore) had 10 children altogether, and two of their children (Hannah and Thomas) married two children of Charles HANNEY and Hannah Branch:

  • Hannah Hapgood (1816-1899). Married James Hanney (brother of Hester Hanney born 1813) in 1839 in Bristol. They had 10 children over 16 years and moved to Wales, where she died in 1899. James Hanney later started the “Hanney Band” which will be subject of another blog post.
  • Thomas Hapgood (1817-1904) married Hester Hanney (sister of James Hanney) in 1839 in Walcott, Somerset, and emigrated to Australia in 1854 on the Lady Ann.

One of their brothers, Richard John HAPGOOD (1827-1884) married Elizabeth Derry b1822 on 21 June 1846 in Widcombe, Somerset. They had five children in 11 years. Their fourth child, George Thomas, was born in 1854 and named after his two uncles (Thomas and George) who emigrated to Australia that year[1,2]. They moved to Wales and emigrated to the USA, and he died in Starke, Florida, USA, in 1884 aged 30.

In the next generation, three of James and Hannah Hanney’s children married three of their Hapgood-Derry cousins:

  • William Hanney b1844 emigrated to the USA and his cousin, Hannah Hapgood (daughter of Richard John Hapgood and Elizabeth Derry, b1848) emigrated to Colorado, USA to marry him, as outlined in his 1919 obituary (see below)
  • Charles Hanney b1847 married Eliza Jane Hapgood b1851. (only a photo of their joint grave has turned up so far)
  • Hester Ellen Hanney (sister of William above b1818)  married her cousin George Thomas Hapgood (b1854).They married in Wales and the family later emigrated to Kansas USA. There is a fabulous fully-labelled family Hester and George and their entire family (Thomas and his 5 sons were also musicians and formed the Hapgood Band!)
George Thomas Hapgood and his wife Hester “Ellen” nee Hanney, and their children (all named). From [3]
William Hanney obituary -
William Hanney Obituary, Brown County World, 1919 [5]
Joint grave of Charles Hanney 1847-1916 and Eliza Jane Hapgood 1851-1907 in Swansea, Wales from Findagrave [4]

There is a VERY strong musical link from the Hapgood-Hanney extended family, which I will include in a future blog post with as many photos as I have managed to track down so far…

There are 5 Hapgood-Hanney marriages over 2 generations – I am sure this strong intwining gives stronger DNA link results for more distant cousins than usual! My hope is that more photos of Hapgood and Hanney families will pop up and be able to be shared with everyone.



[2] Naming of George Thomas Hapgood after his uncles who left the same year he was born is also listed in “The Hapgood Family, Descendants of Shadrach, 1656-1898”. Full text at

[3] Photo uploaded on by cnjbickford, 2016.

[4] Find a grave Charles Hanney Swansea Wales

[5] William Hanney Obituary, Brown County World, 1919

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