John Hapgood & Elizabeth Shore of Marksbury, Somerset

John Hapgood (1791-1865) was a labourer, born on 28 August 1791at Aldbourne, near Baydon, Wiltshire, England. He married Elizabeth Shore (1790-1872) at St Peters Church of England, in Marksbury, Somerset in 1813 [1].  Neither John nor Elizabeth could sign their own name.

Marriage record John Hapgood and Elizabeth Shore, 1813, Marksbury Somerset, UK. Via Ancestry. See also
St Peters Church of England, Marksbury, Somerset. Elizabeth Shore was baptised here inOct 1790, and married John Hapgood here in 1813, and most of her children were baptised here. Photo source: © Copyright John Lord and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. via
Map of Marksbury, showing location of St Peters Church, 1884. Source:
Picture of Marksbury, Somerset, Showing the West side of the village, taken at the South West of Court Farm.. © Copyright Rick Crowley and licensed for reuse under this Creative Commons Licence. via Source:

John and Elizabeth had 10 children altogether and a brief outline so far:

  • William (1814-1891). Married Susannah Payne in 1836 in Bristol, died in Wales in 1891
  • Hannah (1816-1899). Married James Hanney (brother of Hester Hanney) in 1839 in Bristol. They had 10 children over 16 years and moved to Wales, where she died in 1899.
  • Thomas (1817-1904)  married Hester Hanney (sister of James Hanney above) in 1839 in Walcott, Somerset, and emigrated to Australia in 1854 on the Lady Ann with his children. He died in 1904 in Milton, NSW, Australia. Thomas is my direct ancestor.
  • John (1820-??).
  • Elijah (1822-1900). .
  • Mary Ann, (1823 – )
  • Richard John (1827-1884). He married Elizabeth Derry on 21 June 1846 in Widcombe, Somerset. They had five children in 11 years. Their fourth child, George Thomas, was born in 1854 and named after his two uncles (Thomas and George) who emigrated to Australia that year [1] . They moved to Wales and emigrated to the USA, and he died in Starke, Florida, USA, in 1884.
  • Elizabeth (1828- )
  • Susannah (1831-1861). Married blacksmith Edward Dando in 1850 and emigrated to Australia in 1853 on “The Australia” (a year before her brothers) with their oldest son Frank. They went to the goldfields and had 3 more children before dying shortly after giving birth to her 5th child. She died of TB/pregnancy aged 30 (the child Hannah died also about 5 months later) and she is buried in Castlemaine, Victoria.
  • George Anthony (1833-1914)  He married Hannah Sims in Keynsham, Somerset on 21 August 1853. They emigrated to Australia on the Lady Ann in 1854 (with George and Hester). Their oldest daughter was born in Nov 1854 in Shoalhaven. They had nine children altogether, all born in Milton NSW. Later in life, after Hannah died in 1905, he moved to Maleny Qld.
  • Edward (1836 -188 ) Married Margaret Thomas in 1961 in Wales, and had 6 children, all born in Wales before he died in 1888.

The children of John Hapgood and Elizabeth Shore were baptised in the Church of England, Marksbury, Somerset in 1820 [2]. The picture below shows baptism of four of their children: William (b 1814), Hannah (b1816), Thomas (b1817) and John (no birth date noted, presumably 1820). 

Baptism records for first  4 children of John and Elizabeth Hapgood, in 1820. Source: Somerset, England, Church of England Baptisms, 1813-1914, via See also
Interior of St Peters Church in Marksbury Somerset, where John & Elizabeth Hapgood were married in 1813, and where their children were baptised. Source: Facebook checkin photo by Stephen Suess posted 24 August 2019

John Hapgood died aged 75 on 25th May 1865 (one year after most of his family had emigrated away) and is buried in St Peters graveyard, Marksbury. His wife Elizabeth Hapgood died in Dec 1873 and was also buried at St Peters Marksbury. There does not appear to be a headstone for them, but one day I plan to go and look for myself!

Church of St Peter, Marksbury, Somerset. John and Elizabeth Hapgood are buried here, along with several children and other relations. Photo from


[1] Thomas George Hapgood’s great grandson Ward Ferguson tells the story that his grandfather was named after his uncles who departed for Australia when he was born.

[2] Baptism records for John and Elizabeths children at St Peters in Marksbury are at For example Thomas Hapgood was born in 1817 and baptised in Jan 1820


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