Important photo #3: Thomas Hapgood (1817-1904)

Thomas Hapgood was born in Marksbury, Somerset in 1817, and emigrated to Australia in September 1854 with his wife Hester Hanney (or Esther Hanney), and their family of William, Richard, Thomas (jnr) and Sarah Hapgood on the “Lady Ann” as assisted immigrants [1]. There is one photo of him, which was also reproduced in the “Meet the Pioneers” book [2].

Photo Thomas Hapgood, 1817-1904

I don’t know when this photo was taken, but he looks quite stern and serious, in his waistcoat and jacket, and a very large bow tie. The pose is almost like a minister delivering a sermon, and it seems he and his family were strongly connected to the Salvation Army. Later news stories about his 2nd wife certainly do make it seem like he was a stern and (by modern standards) unforgiving person. I will write several posts on what I know so far about Thomas Hapgood (Snr) life in later posts.

[1] NSW State Records and Archives, Assisted Immigrants lists. Ann_29 Sep 1854/4_479100281.jpg&No=2

[2] “Meet the pioneers : early families of the Milton-Ulladulla district with photographs” by Joanne Ewin, 1991. Out of print but copies available at various libraries:


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